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Pronounced-'Seer Sha'
Gaelic for Freedom

Weaving Journeys - Najla
Weaving Journeys - Masuda
Weaving Journeys - Shahla
Weaving Journeys - Shivani
Weaving Journeys - Sphozmai
Weaving Journeys - Shiasta
About Us

Saoirse Films is a collaboration of freelance Toronto Artists with diverse backgrounds in broadcast, film, television and documentary. 

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  I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most creative minds in the industry. Below you will find past credits in documentary television, film and drama created in collaboration with talented freelancers.

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Dani O'Flynn



Dani has worked as an Independent Producer for over 10 years, based out of Toronto, Canada.  Her teams have created exciting, thought provoking and entertaining film and television.  A large part of Dani's work as a producer has been telling stories of diversity in culture, ability or education through film and TV. She is currently busy working on both sides of the camera. 


On the production side, she is partnered with the VIDS  team, working with Ice River Films & Paul Kemp Productions , as well as developing Weaving Journeys and Peacekids the documentary for Saoirse.  She has worked in collaboration with broadcasters such as CBC, Bravo, PBS, APTN, Maori TV, NITV, Vision TV, Discovery Network, ichannel and TVO -in association with several production companies including Paul Kemp Productions, Stornoway Productions, THA and Smart Edge Co.

Earlier in'18 she also had the opportunity to be a part of the team (AP) Employable Me Season 2, featuring jobseekers who prove that having a physical disability or a neurological condition doesn't make them unemployable-AP.  EM2 took home the 2019 Rockie award at the Banff World Media Fest.  

WORK - Selected past credits and links as Producer, Director, Field Director and/or Casting Director are included below.....

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Media-Documentary, Film, TV
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Dani's work with highschool students and youth TV programs in diversity of culture and education realms have been highly recognized, distributed and used by several school boards and libraries throughout Canada and the US. 


Her past work garnered much interest within the festival circuit- Selected festivals include Yorkton, Banff World Media Festival (Best Science & Technology + Factual), Canadian Screen Awards, Cannes Short Film Corner, National Screen Institute, Montreal World Film Fest, NFB and Edmonton International Fest, GI Film Fest and the Toronto Independent film fest.sability or a neurological condition doesn't make them unemployable-AP.  EM2 took home the 2019 Rockie award at the Banff World Media Fest.

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